KM 160,417 (or 50,000 km since HK)



Km 160,417
On March 7th, or nearly a year after having left Hong Kong, we reached km 160,417 or 50,000 km since leaving Hong Kong. This figure might only be the average yearly distance covered by sales representatives around the western world but we have seen some roads you would not believe ! After a few days spent in Egypt's Western Desert, touring from one oasis to another we were only 25 km from Luxor when our speedometer hit this figure. Cairo (top centre) to Luxor along this route is 1600 km.


Egypt, the Red Sea and the Sinai peninsula (top right)


The scenery around us ? As with most deserts, there was very little to see except emptiness crossed by a seemingly smooth, black ribbon of asphalt. Every now and then the things would improve and we would be driving in nice desert scenery with sand dunes or mountains. For the last few months it had been our experience that there was little to see around us when we stopped at the 5000 km mark. This time was no exception.  


Stopping at 160,417 : only 25 km away from Luxor and the lush Nile valley



Strip of paint in the middle of the road


Where were we at km 110,000 km ? Hong Kong, P.R.C.

Where were we at km 120,417 km ? 10,000 km after HK. Gilgit, PAKISTAN 

Where were we at km 125,417 km ? 15,000 km after HK. Vishnupur, INDIA 

Where were we at km 130,417 km ? 20,000 km after HK. The Indo-Tibet highway, INDIA 

Where were we at km 135,417 km ? 25,000 km after HK. Punjab Province, PAKISTAN
Where were we at km 140,417 km ? 30,000 km after HK. South of the Caspian Sea, IRAN

Where were we at km 145,417 km ? 35,000 km after HK. North Eastern Anatolia, TURKEY

Where were we at km 150,417 km ? 40,000 km after HK. Western Anatolia, TURKEY

Where were we at km 155,417 km ? 45,000 km after HK. Badiya desert, SYRIA

Where will we be in 5,000 km ? That will depend on the Libyan authorities. Check it out ! Km 165,417


We are doing well !

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