Hong Kong : ready to go !


At last...
Because of successive delays in obtaining our permits to go to China, we have now been in Hong Kong for more 2 months instead of the planned 3 weeks. We got crazy waiting and not being sure we would ever be allowed to drive into China. But what else did we do ?


The 4WD Co. Ltd. in Hung Hom

A few pictures of the many hours we spent at their workshop. Thanks guys !


The Rugby Seven's

Every year, Hong Kong hosts a major rugby event : the Rugby Seven's. As the name suggests, this rugby type is played with seven players for each side. All major rugby nations (New Zealand, France, Wales, South Africa and Hong Kong !) come to this event. This year, Hong Kong scored for the first time ever ! Thanks for the ticket Yvonne !


During those last weeks in HK, the most common question amongst our friends would be : "What ? You haven't left yet ?" Thanks guys, we will be missing you.


Troopie, ready to go
A shining Troopie, ready for a HK 4WD magazine photoshoot.


We are ready...

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