KM 155,417 (or 45,000 km since HK)



Km 155,417
On January 21st, nearly 10 months after having left Hong Kong, we have clocked enough kilometers to go one full time around the world ! 45,000 kilometers ! Let's make it sound exotic : that day we were somewhere in the Badiya desert near the Iraqi border ! After having followed the green banks of the Euphrates river -what a magical name- for more than 100 km to the desert town of Deir-ez-Zor, we turned right and headed straight into the desert.



Kathleen was driving fast on a good road when the speedometer hit the right number. We slowed down and left the main road. There were no dunes around us but this was definitely a desert. The lack of any kind of sound or noise except the occasional vehicle storming by at full speed is mightily impressive. We stayed there for a few minutes trying to make a sense of our surroundings.


Christian's Mum and Dad next to Troopie in the distance.



Have you ever driven straight ahead for more than 100km without touching the steering wheel ? (centre) We were not alone in the desert (right)


The oncoming bus was driving so fast (and the old Benz truck so slow) that it overtook the truck right next to me


Where were we at km 110,000 km ? Hong Kong, P.R.C.

Where were we at km 120,417 km ? 10,000 km after HK. Gilgit, PAKISTAN 

Where were we at km 125,417 km ? 15,000 km after HK. Vishnupur, INDIA 

Where were we at km 130,417 km ? 20,000 km after HK. The Indo-Tibet highway, INDIA 

Where were we at km 135,417 km ? 25,000 km after HK. Punjab Province, PAKISTAN
Where were we at km 140,417 km ? 30,000 km after HK. South of the Caspian Sea, IRAN

Where were we at km 145,417 km ? 35,000 km after HK. North Eastern Anatolia, TURKEY

Where were we at km 150,417 km ? 40,000 km after HK. Western Anatolia, TURKEY

Where will we be in 5,000 km ? Egypt ! Check it out ! Km 160,417

We are doing well !

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