Km 140,417



Km 140,417
On October 13th, 6 months and 2 weeks after having left HK, we reached the 30,000 km mark. We had initially though to cover a distance between 25,000 and 35,000 km... That day, we left Teheran where we had spent 2 days and headed North East towards ... Afghanistan ! We stopped a long way before as our aim was to drive along the Caspian Sea. 



Country borders on the map are green. Just North of the yellow star is the Central Asian republic of Turkmenistan. Driving South of a chain of mountains, we were still sheltered from the rain that comes from the Caspian Sea (which is the in fact the largest salt lake in the world, 370,000 sq. km or 4 times the second largest lake, Lake Superior). So much for the geography lesson.



Now the history lesson ! This is where we rejoin the historical Silk Road that would come from the East and the city of Mashad and continue straight to the West via Teheran. As we stopped on the perfectly smooth Iranian road, exactly when Troopie's speedometer announced km 140,417, we saw the remains of an old caravanserai.  



That evening, we were greeted by a warm sunset in our mirrors. The last sunset for several days to come as we suddenly entered a new season along the shores of the Caspian Sea : Autumn !



Where were we at km 110,000 km ? Hong Kong, P.R.C.

Where were we at km 120,417 km ? Gilgit, Pakistan 

Where were we at km 125,417 km ? Vishnupur, India 

Where were we at km 130,417 km ? The Indo-Tibet highway, India 

Where were we at km 135,417 km ? Punjab Province, Pakistan

Where will we be in 5,000 km ? Turkey ! Check it out ! Km 145,417 


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