KM 145,417



Km 145,417
It has taken us 7 months and 35,000 kilometers to reach this part of the world ! On November 2nd 2001, we reached km 145,417 on our way south of Sivas in North-Eastern Anatolia . After having spent the night in our rooftop tent our thermometer indicated a very cool -2 degrees C. ! Camping in sub-zero temperatures is not that comfortable !



We were following a small and winding country road and finding it difficult to remember to stop as km counter hit the exact figure. Around us that beautiful sunny morning was typical Turkish countryside. Snow covered hills in the distance and large areas of sun-burnt grass. What had been grown that year had been cut some time ago and many farmers were burning the remains. 



Except for the rare tractor humming along, life seems to have changed very little in this part of the world. 


Where were we at km 110,000 km ? Hong Kong, P.R.C.

Where were we at km 120,417 km ? Gilgit, PAKISTAN 

Where were we at km 125,417 km ? Vishnupur, INDIA 

Where were we at km 130,417 km ? The Indo-Tibet highway, INDIA 

Where were we at km 135,417 km ? Punjab Province, PAKISTAN
Where were we at km 140,417 km ? South of the Caspian Sea, Northern IRAN

Where will we be in 5,000 km ? The Middle East ! No, we were still in Turkey. Check it out ! Km 150,417 


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