An Iranian tradition : teahouses



An Iranian tradition : tea
Tea or "chai" is the national drink in Iran. It is drunk at every time of day by all people of the country on every possible occasion. It is drunk at home, at work or in business transactions but also in places that only serve that specific function : teahouses ! Teahouses in Iran are meeting places. 


The "Chaykhune-yevakil" teahouse in an old hammam (bath), in the Kerman bazaar, Southern Iran


One drinks tea, of course, but the other very common thing to do is to smoke a water pipe ! The "hubble-bubble pipe as it is commonly known uses only very mild tobacco. The nicest thing about it, we thought, is the soft and very typical smell it gives.



The teahouse at the Hafez mausoleum, Shiraz


One can drink tea, smoke a water pipe but there are several other possible activities ! 



Our favourite : the newly opened Hammame-e-Vakil Dizzi & Teahouse on the right of the Bazaar Mosque, Shiraz.


A small selection : SioSe bridge teahouse in Esfahan (left), Hammame-e-Vakil teahouse in Shiraz (centre), Chubi bridge teahouse in Esfahan (right)


We are doing well !

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