At home at last


I've been good so far : this is what I do most of the time (not always at night)


I'm a week old now !

What a week this has been ! My mum started to breastfeed my when I was only 1 hour old and I've been getting this delicious stuff every 3 hours ever since. I have fun with her by falling asleep in her arms every 5 minutes !


Just look at those hands (left), when I'm hungry, I'll grab anything ! (centre) I sleep so much, my dad seems to have run out of pictures of me with my eyes open


Wanna know what my favourite sleeping position is ?


It seems my mum and dad had had a acute "nesting syndrome" fever a few days before I arrived. They had gone shopping, prepared a suitcase for the hospital and cleaned the house. Don't tell them, but this is when I decided to make a move.


This is the proof they were ready for me !


Taking a bath (left) and holding my dad's hand. Can you see any resemblance ?


I overheard my parents and grandmother say I resembled at least half a dozen people by now. One thing is for sure : I'm a cute little boy !



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