Hi everyone, I'm Antoine


January 28th 2003, 14.25 (US Central Time). I am 15 minutes old.


Hi everyone, I'm Antoine
Despite the freezing temperatures in Lafayette, Indiana at this time of year, I decided it was time for me to come last Tuesday. That morning, I told my mum that was it ! My father decided to go to something called a "strategy class". Why, I don't know. Mum and I went to pick him up from school at 9.30 and we headed straight to the hospital. 



It seems I didn't give my parents much time. My mum (+ me inside) and my dad settled in the delivery room thinking they would be there for a long haul. Just four hours later, yes 4, I was there ! I was 52 cm tall and weighed 3.295 kilos (20 1/2 inches, 7 lbs 4oz).


That's me ! I'm still a little in shock, 4 hours into this world. My fingers are still purple.


My parents say I do the strangest things : like yawning in my sleep !


Day 2
In Latin America, they say a newly born always comes "with a loaf of bread under the arm". "Cuando nace un bebé viene con el pan bajo el brazo".  I bring good luck to my family, I came with a whole bakery ! Guess what I got my dad ? I got him a job in California where we'll be moving this summer. My dad's friend Louis said I'd have to be a surfer, roller blader or a gangsta rapper ! I'm not quite sure which I'd like to become.


I also like to scratch my face with my newly acquired little nails. My mum and dad say I'm the cutest baby in the world. Wouldn't you agree ?


Day 3
Today is January 30th, the day before the Chinese New Year. Dylan Zhou, another friend of my parent's who lent us his digital camera (just in case I decide I wanna be a superstar) noticed the following article on CNN. "Hospitals in the northern provinces of Heilongjiang and Liaoning report unusually high birth rates in the waning days of the Year of the Horse, which ends on Friday, said to impart loyalty, gregarious spirits and bright professional futures." Yep.


My Australian nurse was so nice (left), that's my proud dad holding me, under the cooker for a few hours (right)


Day three was my last day at the hospital. So my mum, dad and grandmother packed my things and off we went. I was told nurses in the USA have to accompany parents to their cars to check if they have a properly fitted car seat. My crazy parents initially had thought of carrying me home ! Luckily they didn't because roads were still covered with snow. 


I'm ready for this world, let's go ! Right, one of my first pictures at home. My parents say I've changed since yesterday... What do you think ? 


Wait until you see the size of my fingers



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