The week of my first party


That's how I now look after 2 weeks. Don't you think I need a haircut soon ? 


Hello my friends !

What happened in my little world this week, you might want to know. Well, quite a few things I must tell you ! I don't know what's going on in this world, I keep on hearing funny things. I guess Mr. Saddam Blix of the UN country doesn't seem too happy with a certain Tony Hussein. I don't understand why. All I need in this world is a little love and tenderness. Well let me tell you. This week I had a first visit to my pediatrician Dr. Bafna. My mother Kathleen was worried about my little tummy problems and was wondering what my weight would be. Did you know I was meant to have recovered my weight of birth after two weeks ? Guess what : I gained 8 ounces or 225 grams !


My happy mum on our return from the Hospital : I have passed my first weight exam by gaining 8 ounces !


I always have to put my arms up in the air when I'm sleeping and I don't always know where they'll land (left & right), concentrated whilst eating (centre)


Who do I look like on this picture ? Could you please tell my parents, they'd really like to know !


My first party
The other big thing that happened to me this week is my first party ! My dad took me out to meet with his friends. The excuse is an obscure German tradition called a "Pinkelparty". This tradition has it that men gather after the birth of a child to celebrate the new arrival and drink to its good health. The pinkel or peeing part is meant to attest to "ze kwality of ze enchineering". Don't ask me. 


Dylan Zhou, Pete Fogarty and Darris Sherman


Could somebody sue my dad with a picture like this ?


We all had a jolly good time. Thanks Friedrich.


From left to right : The two Christoph's, Max Ulm (A), me in the arms of Sebastien Bruchet (F), my dad, Dylan Zhou (CN), Pete Fogarty (USA) and Friedrich Ellebrecht (D). Not on the picture : Marcel Ae (D) and Darris Sherman (USA)



I hate that picture on the left and don't understand why my father put it up for everyone to see. Me and my loving mum (centre)


That's me and my dad.

 See you later !

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