Udaipur, la romantique



We had come to Udaipur with the expectation of spending a few quiet days in a beautiful city. Our Lonely Planet guidebook says : "Possibly no city in Rajasthan is quite as romantic as Udaipur. The French impressionist painters, let alone the brothers Grimm, would have loved this place, and it's not without justification that Udaipur has been called the Venice of the East." Yet another Venice of the East ! Since we have left Nepal, we have been traveling through India at quite a hectic speed and we were looking forward to a few quiet days. The Lake Palace Hotel is where we had planned to stay as well as celebrate Kathleen's 30th birthday ! 


The Lake Palace, built in 1754, covers the whole island and has been run by the Taj chain of hotels since 1963.


Since Nepal, a few electrical items had not been working on Troopie and the exhaust note had steadily been changing so we decided to get these fixed which took us a whole day. We had been told about the Indian concept of stretching time... Then we got food poisoned and spent the next two days in a very poor state !


Jagmandir Island on Lake Pichola, flanked by a row of majestic elephants (left & centre)


Inside the imposing City Palace : Belgian crystal (left) and popular Ganesh (right)


We did manage to spend Kathleen's 30th birthday in an unforgettable way : a romantic dinner, a stunning view and the surprise of her family and friends calling at 10' interval !


Hard working women and children (left) and scenes of Udaipur city


We are fine again !

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