The Maharana's collection of Old-timers


The famous Cadillac emblem 

An old-timers collection in India 
The Maharanas of Udaipur have had the good idea to keep their cars over the years and have recently opened a small but interesting collection of old-timers. The vehicles of three generations of Maharanas consist of American, German and British cars. We saw the following : Buick, Rolls Royce, Vauxhall, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Opel, MG, Austin, Ford...  Some humble cars as well as Rolls Royces modified for hunting or to move around the Udaipur polo team ! Nearly all where in original condition.


A 70s Chevrolet (left) and a Morris Minor 1000 Woodie ! (right)


An original MG TC ! Prettier than the TD and more original than the TF, dad !


A 1920's Rolls Royce. Lucky us Troopie is not as complex to drive. Leather leaf spring protection (right).



Rolls Royce, "King of the Road" !


An American school bus for the Maharana's private school (left), Vauxhall 12 (centre) and Ford GP (right)


An old beam light



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