Hong Kong to Guangzhou (Canton)


At last...
At last we have started our journey... Today we left Hong Kong and drove north towards the Lok Ma Chau - Huanggang border crossing with China. One hour's drive to reach Mainland China.. We were not expecting what happened next. We feared it might be difficult to enter China but we didn't expect it would be a problem to leave Hong Kong. Despite having the right papers (an export license for the car), it took some convincing of the HK Customs people at the border to let us through. 



Waiting for us at the other side of the border was Mr. Shen, our National guide for our journey through the P.R.C. We were offered tea by the border officials ! Mr. Shen or Mike had driving licenses and temporary number plates ready. Two hours later we got to Guangzhou, one of the oldest cities in China. It has always been a trading port, just North of Hong Kong in the Pearl River delta. We are happy to have succeeded doing this ! Thank you to iPass for connecting us to the rest of the world...



Welcome to Shenzhen ! Welcome to China !


Tomorrow we head North towards Xian.. More news soon !

All is well with us !

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