Beijing vehicles



Beijing has many different forms of transportation. However, in no other country is the bicycle (in many different forms) used as much as in China. With 2 or 3 wheels it will be used to cart everything from your girlfriend sitting behind you as an amazon to hot water bottles or 2 full size gas canisters) or all three together if necessary.


Public transport and taxis
The bus below runs on electricity. Taxi prices vary according to the type of car you flag down. A red sticker on the side window will indicate their price. The cheapest are currently the battered Daihatsu Charades (some of which have been around for nearly 10 years) at RMB 1.20 per unit of distance or time. Next come the older VW Jetta models made in Shanghai and the newer Citroen ZXs made in Guangdong Province at RMB 1.60. The latest VW Santana models with will cost you RMB 2.00 per unit. Buses can be rented for RMB 10 to 20 for the same distance.


3 wheelers
A factory in China must be producing these gorgeous looking side-cars that look as though they came straight out of a Tintin comic book (the black model !). Despite their awful reputation for reliability, they are appreciated by expats.  


4 WD cars
Although initially built only for military purposes, 4WD have been sold to companies and individuals. The BJC (Beijing Jeep Company) manufactures this Jeep right in the middle of the city (in the Chaoyang district) as well as a (authorised) copy of the Jeep Cherokee. The TLC 100 is an import !


To fit in or not to fit in



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