Vehicles in Turkey


A well-maintained BMW : one of the very few old timers we've seen in Turkey

Vehicles in Turkey
After Iran and countries further East in our journey, we were not expecting to be able to show you anything special in Turkey in this category as vehicles in Turkey are quite modern on the whole. But there were a few interesting exceptions to this !


Anyone who can give me information on any of the above gets my eternal recognition ! 



The world renown "Anadol SV 1600" (Anadol without the P) ! Dad, is this the Turkish version of our Reliant Scimitar ?


Many of Turkey's private cars are old Renault's 12 or Dacias as above (the car that run over Christian when he was 3 years old) or locally made Fiats sold under the brand Tofas.


Turkey has a few locally made trucks unseen in the rest of the world. BMC (British Motor Corporation ?) still exists here and produces a wide range of light and heavy utilitarian vehicles.


Trucks bearing Turkey's national flag as seen parading in Kars on National Day. Left is what I believe is a locally produced BMC truck


Fargo (with a Chrysler badge) and DeSoto (same previous model as Fargo ?)


4WD cars

Nothing exciting in Turkey 4WD wise and too few Land Cruisers !


We saw very few overlanders in Turkey. Apart from a Austrian Steyr truck that overtook us whilst we were debating the justness of our fine with the police (and that did not seem very sympathetic) these 2 vehicles are the only ones we saw. The Land Rover belonged to a couple of Swedes that were traveling back home from South Africa with their 1 year old baby tucked away in what like a very comfortable craddle between driver and passenger !



Also seen on the road !

Left, a well-designed prototype seen at the Safranbolu Salon de l'Automobile which, unfortunately, seems unlikely to make it into production & a strange beast that picks up badly parked cars in Istanbul with a sideway forklift mechanism ! Still a very regular sight in Turkey is the donkey cart (right).


Beautifully restored Istanbul tram


Also seen !

Beautiful boats in the harbour of Bodrum and a floating "Medusa" discotheque, complete with 20x15m dance floor and full light and sound equipment !



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