Antalya, our home away from home


One of Turkey's delicious Mediterranean fruits : the pomegranate !

Antalya, our home away from home
Antalya, about halfway along Turkey's Mediterranean coast was a special stop for us. First of all, it was where we were expected by a Belgian couple who had answered our call for help on our way from HK to Belgium. It is nice to head somewhere knowing you are expected and there is a good chance you will be pampered ! It also felt strange for us to meet Mr. & Mrs. Schepers as they had followed us during our journey since HK and somehow already knew us whereas we knew nothing about them ! Thank you !


A little out of Antalya to the West is the delightful area of Ulupinar and Mt Olimpos and its chimeras.


Antalya is home to one of the most beautiful museums we have ever seen. It is of course full of the best antique sculptures of the area (that probably has the largest concentration of classical Greek and Roman relics in the world) but what made it special to us is the way light and colour were used to bring the best out of the exhibits. All remaining simple and sober.



Not only was what we saw beautiful but we also had a little fun as well : each statue had a sensor detecting visitors that would switch on an extra spotlight. The picture above was made possible by Kathleen running in front of this series of classical statues !





Mr. & Mrs. Schepers introduced us to their friends Dr. Hasan Oz and his wife Suzanne who went on to take care of us as their own children for the 5 days we stayed in Antalya. Dr. Oz fixed Kathleen's back, we were introduced to the best mechanic in town who gave Troopie's suspension a new lease of life by re-shaping the front leaves. 


Picnic in the park around Termessos (left), "Madame Gigi" reading our future in Turkish coffee cups (centre), Dr. Hasan Oz (right)


The amazing collection of ruins at Termessos : baths, municipal bouleuterion, theater and tombs in the rock


Kathleen, Christian, their newly discovered Turkish father and German mother : Suzanne and Hasan Oz.


We are doing well !

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