Vehicles in Iran


As seen in a Teheran street : an old American classic !


Vehicles in Iran

From the first day we entered Iran, Christian had the feeling of being back in Europe 20 years ago ! Most trucks and cars seem to date from before the 80ies as they probably do because of the revolution of the Emam Khomeini in 1979.


A street in residential Teheran : Italian, Japanese, American and French models of the 70s !


Iran produces its own vehicles. The car most seen in the streets is the famous PAYKAN ! It has been around for more than 30 years and Iranians seem to have discovered the way to keep their cars running forever. Everything can be repaired or restored to look like new. Christian felt strange every time he saw the rear lights of the older Paykan model during the first few weeks in Iran as this is the same type of lights as his dad's 1969 Reliant Scimitar (that has remained in the family ever since it was bought new). 


The 2 Paykan models : old (left) and new (right) and the famous rear lights (centre). 


One interesting local vehicle is the one above !


French cars
Immediately noticeable on Iranian streets are 2CV (commonly named Jyane), Renaults 5 (locally assembled as Saipa's ?) and old Peugeots. One modern car which must be the dream of many Iranians is the Peugeot 405 and new 406 locally called "Persia".



Another weird Iranian invention based on the heavy duty Citroen Mehari !


1,2,3 !


German cars
A small collection of German cars seen on Iranian streets.



US cars
A small collection of US cars seen on Iranian streets. All of them are in everyday use !


4WD cars

Modified Toyota Land Cruisers : Our Troopie HZJ 75 and a 62 series as ambulances, an HZJ 75 as a modified pick-up


A Kuwaiti number plated Pajero (seen on the Persian Gulf coast), TLC 45 and classic Range Rover (right)


Iran also seems to have bought the rights or the presses of the following three cars : Land Rover, Jeep Wagoneer and Nissan Patrol. The Nissan Patrol is the most commonly seen 4wd in Iran (far more than Land Cruisers which are imported). The Land Rover bears the name Phazan 25 and has a strange looking grille.  Many Wagoneers assembled in Iran have also made it to Pakistan.



Another strange vehicle to our streets is the fast "Saipa 25", seen all over Iran in the same blue colour.


One of the very few overland vehicles we saw in Iran was this trailer in which more than 25 German pensioners traveled ! It was pulled by a big Benz truck that served as bus when driving ! 



On the road 
All of the above were taken in the city. On the Iranian roads, Benz trucks and busses rein supreme. Other trucks include the US Macks, Whites and Internationals. Coming from Pakistan, we felt the modern Volvo N10 and F12 trucks were very boring ! What surprises does Turkey have in store ?



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