Staying in forts, palaces & havelis


Rang Mahal Hotel, Jaisalmer


Staying in palaces and forts
India in general and Rajasthan in particular is full of interesting places to stay. The laws of economics have obliged many Maharajas, Rawals and rich men to turn their private forts, palaces and havelis into guesthouses. We have slept in our tent most of the time in China and Northern Pakistan before hitting the heat of an Indian summer and we will have to spend more time in our tent in the future ! In the meantime, we have been enjoying a second honeymoon in these splendid places !


Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur
A small but very cozy Haveli in Jaipur with a manicured garden. Room 24, one of the prettiest rooms we have ever had.


Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur
One of the most romantic hotels in the world ? Certainly not the rooms themselves but the 200 year old palace has "shady courtyards, lotus ponds and a small mango-tree shaded swimming pool" ! Unforgettable.



Bikaner, Bhairon Vilas hotel
Our room number 102 in the Bhairon Vilas hotel in Bikaner must qualify as having the craziest decoration we have ever had in a hotel room ! The walls were full with old bits and pieces from colonial era India : pictures, rifles, stuffed animals, old carpets.. We recommend it.



Mandawa, Heritage Hotel
The heritage hotel in Mandawa is an old Haveli or merchant's house with beautiful courtyards.


Samode Palace
This palace was built in stages 400 years ago. This was going to be the last time we treated ourselves and wanted it to be something special. It was better than that. More on this amazing home in the next page.


We are doing well !

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