The Royal Enfield Bullet factory



Calcutta and the Austin Ambassador factory
Whilst in Calcutta, we had wanted to visit the factory where one of the icons of Indian roads is produced. When the Morris Oxford finished its life in England, it got a new lease of life in Calcutta as the Austin Ambassador produced by Hindustan Motors. Despite all the efforts of one Taj Hotel employee (thank you Dixon), we were not able to visit the factory because it was an NPD - Non Production Day. Disappointment.


An Austin Ambassador in the gardens of the Victoria Memorial, Calcutta


Jaipur and the Royal Enfield factory
That disappointment was not to last too long as, on our way to Jaipur from Delhi, we drove past a Royal Enfield factory ! This was unexpected as the main Royal Enfield factory is located in Madras, on the east coast of India. The Enfield Bullet that is being produced today is the same motorbike that was produced in the 1950s. This vintage bike is still made new ! It must be the equivalent of Morgans on 2 wheels.



The production line 


The finished products


The Bullets have evolved very little over time. They still have one cylinder engines, available in 350 and 500 cc and make a gorgeous thumping sound ! Purists will be horrified to know that a diesel model has been brought out. The Enfield Bullet is a favourite amongst foreigners who want to tour India a different way. It's a wonderfully durable bike, easy to maintain and economical to run. One drawback is said to be the lack of an effective front brake on the 350 cc model...


The first part of Christian's future set of wheels : the Enfield emblem !

We are doing well !

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