Vehicles in Nepal

As in India, Vespas are common in Nepal. Christian's kind of country !


The Asia Cuba
If Cuba is renowned for its surprising number of old American cars of the 50s, Nepal must surely qualify for being a heaven for Japanese cars of the 70s. 





Very common means of transportation : motorised and non-motorised 3 wheelers


Overland vehicles
Whereas in China we did not once see another foreign registered vehicle, a relatively large number of people drive their own car to India and Nepal. We saw this huge Ford 250 XL from Spain, an overland truck from Encounter Overland, the UK company that has now gone bankrupt, and a Vauxhall Astra of which the owners had lost the Carnet de Passage en Douanes...


4WD vehicles

Land Rover Series III (?), Indian made Suzuki-Maruti and the 2wd VW Kbelwagen


Toyota Land Cruiser 45, 75 pick up and hilux surf






Some are well maintained...


Others not so well...


Mark, is this a 60s Wagoneer like yours ?

Ours is fine !

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