Car & camping in Nepal


Car & camping
There was little camping for us in Nepal : in Bardia National Park it was too hot and in Kathmandu we were welcomed as family by the Wisemans. There was even a brief exchange of homes as the Wiseman daughters wanted to test our roof top tent !


As seen in Nepal
True or not true, the following ads took our fancy. Thank God we are driving, otherwise we would have had to fly on one of the following : Yeti Airlines, Cosmic Air or even Buddha Air.



Seen along the road in NEPAL


Troopie gets looked after

Troopie got extra care and a full check up after 12,000 km at Shambu's. Ready to go.



Ayesha, Jessica and Amarilli Wiseman at work !


Spring cleaning number 2 this year.


Ready to go !

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