People of Nepal


People of Nepal
According to the painter Jan Salter's "Faces of Nepal", "the faces reflect age-old wisdom and knowledge, and survival skills which are today being taken or granted and overlooked. The people have much to offer in terms of their knowledge and understanding of the natural world and in the uniqueness and richness of their own culture."


Ethnicity & carrying methods
It is said that the method used to carry loads provides clues about the origin and ethnicity of the people. Mountain people, such as the famous sherpa, will carry their loads in woven baskets on their backs using a headband worn around the top of their head.


People from the middle hills will use bamboo poles balanced across their shoulders whereas people from the Terai balance goods on their heads.



We have found Nepali women to be very beautiful and always extremely feminine with their long dark hair and bright red saris. Whether shopping or more likely working in the fields they were always very distinguished.


As always, most children see little cultural differences and will treat you very directly. In Nepal we found them playing with all sorts of simple and creative games. To be honest, they were also a pain in the neck as their first words to us would very often be "hello pen", "hello sweet" or "hello rupee". This made us very sad. The best way out, we found, was to pretend we had understood THEY wanted to give us a pen, sweet or even rupee. They would very quickly get it and start laughing.


Looking for protection from the monsoon, Nepal


Classroom in Bhaktapur, Nepal


Scenes from daily life

It's OK for men to hold hands in public, even macho policemen (right), not so for couples.


We are doing well !

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