The royal city of Bhaktapur


Together with Patan and other small villages in the Valley, Bhaktapur is another place where time seems to have had little effect. Most of Bhaktapur is closed to traffic leaving the city similar to what it must have been centuries ago. Most of its development came around in the 14th to 17th centuries. In the seventies, a German funded project restored buildings, paved streets with bricks and established sewage facilities. 




Bhaktapur Durbar Square


Clay pots drying, Potters Square, Bhakapur


Bhaktapur street life
Even though it was made a cleaner and tidier city, Bhaktapur is still a real city. Straw can be stacked up next to a wall or laid on the floor to dry, poultry will roam around freely and children will run around chasing each other.  


Saris drying, Bhaktapur

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