The Chilas petroglyphs 


The Chilas petroglyphs
Century after century, travelers along the Silk Road (as well as, more recently, the Chinese workers on the KKH) left graffiti on stones along the road. Names, pictures and prayers for safe passage, merit in the afterlife or good luck on the next hunting trip. Chilas, on the KKH, south of Gilgit is one of the places where many inscriptions have been found, some say as many as 30,000. The oldest inscriptions date from the 1st century AD. Our Lonely Planet guidebook only roughly indicated where the area with inscriptions was located : the other side of a "jeep" bridge across the Indus river... As we are traveling without guide, we found ourselves having to look for the petroglyphs and, for one moment, felt like real explorers ! 


The "Jeep" bridge that squeaked under the weight of our car. We were glad it was over.


Common images are the long-horned ibex (left) symbol of fertility and abundance and hunting scenes (right). 




Famous explorer Kathleen, Chilas, Pakistan


We are doing well !

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