Homestay with a Kyrghyz family


Kyrghyz family 
A few miles down the road we took a left turn and ended up in a small village. We drove towards the houses, were greeted by young children and were quickly asked in for a cup of tea ! After having exchanged a little small talk, out came their goods. "Do you want to buy this carpet ?" "Do you want to buy this hat ?" We got out of it by asking them if they could prepare dinner for us. As we came out of their home, the sun was shining and we got marvelous views of the lake and the surrounding mountains : Mt Muztagh Ata at 7546m and Mt Kongur at 7719 ! Our altitude at the lake was only 3200 !


An evening with Kyrgyz music and dancing


Family photo shoot



That night, we slept in the tent next to their home. The views of the lake nestled between two huge mountains were incredible.





We are doing well !

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