Turpan Oasis Hotel



After a very long drive to Turpan, we were again welcomed by the North West Development Co. Ltd. ! Again, it is the best hotel in town (it's true, check your Lonely Planet guidebook !) The Turpan Oasis Hotel is run by the Hong Kong based North West Development Ltd. You can visit their website at : 



A Uyghur style room in the Turpan Oasis Hotel


One of the reasons for doing this journey was to see the "other" side of the world where big corporate brand names do not exist. In the Oasis Hotel in Turpan, we chose to have a "Uyghur" style bedroom the layout of which is quite different from your standard American style bedroom !


A very special thanks to all the staff of the Oasis Hotel in Turpan. For the very first time in this trip, you have really made us feel at home !


Thank you !


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