The Hotan Sunday market


The Sunday market car park


Hotan's Sunday market 
Hotan's traditional weekly market swamps the old city with thousands of buyers and sellers. We were amazed to see 1001 articles and craftsman that no longer exist in our richer countries : absolutely nothing is wasted here.

The mattress filler and kitchen utensils salesman


Everything to catch those nasty animals, stoves, raisins, cooking utensils & straw brushes


Coal, sugar and jade


Hotan's Sunday market : food and beverage
The market has to cater to all who attend. It's one big social event.

Roasted food ready for consumption (can anyone recognise this animal ?), freshly pressed pomegranate juice or hot salty bagels


Besides the goods sellers, there are many things you can have done to yourself, your donkey, bicycle or motorbike !

Dental practice, hairdresser (short cut) or barber


Motorbike shop, knife sharpener, butcher and tailor


Hotan children !


A few out of the many we took (and were able to show with great success thanks to the back display of the digital camera).



We are doing well !

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