Xi'an, city of the Terracotta Warriors

In 1974, peasants digging a well stumbled on this major archeological discovery : an army of terracotta warriors standing guard on an imperial tomb. Several pits have since been discovered housing 6000 soldiers in battle formation. All the soldiers, measuring between 1.75 and 1.90 cm, having distinct features, not only of rank and military function, each one is unique. By their facial features, scientists have been able to recognise their origin : Mongolia, Guangdong Province, Western China etc. "The horsemen are shown wearing tight sleeved robes and short coats of chain mail. The archers have bodies and limbs positioned in strict accordance with an ancient book on the art of war. There is speculation that the sculptors used fellow workers, or even themselves, as models for the warrior's faces." The soldiers were originally painted.





Very shortly after the soldiers had been finished, some 2000 years ago, they were destroyed by soldiers of one of the following emperors. The pictures below show how they were found and how restoration work continues.




The view from our restaurant on our arrival in Xi'an & inside pit number 1. 


Xian, The Great Mosque & street life




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