Our complete medical list


Here below is the medical kit we are taking with us. It might seem overstocked for some but we will be traveling through some remote area's and wish to be well prepared.  


Tablets and capsules
Type Name Strength Amount Indication
Antibiotic Tarivid 100mg 100 (5x) Broad spectrum antibiotic (intestine-diarrhea with fever-urinary infection)
  Doxyciline 100mg 100 (5x)  No alcohol Broad spectrum antibiotic (nose-ear-throat)
Antimalaria Malarone   24 Malaria treatment
Hypnotic Imovane 7.5mg 75  
Antihistamine Claritine 10mg 20 Allergies
Zyrtec 10mg 20 Allergies
  Clarinase   20 Allergies
Rhinopront   10 Rhinites
Antipyretic & Analgesic Paracetamol 500mg 50 Fever, Pain
Ibuprofen 400mg 200 Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever
Aspirin 300mg 100 Blood thinning (AMS) 
Dafalgan Codeine   32 (codeine can also be used for in case of non-stop coughing)
Antiseptic (mouth and throat) Orofar   40 Mouth and throat infections
Tyrothricine   100 Mouth and throat infections
  Strepsils   30 Throat disinfectant
Decongestant Lysomucil   16 Decongestant
Antiemetic Maxdon 10mg 30 Nausea, vomiting
  Dramamine 50mg 30 Used to stabilize (boat, plane, car) but risk of drowsiness
Antiacid Gaviscon   18 Gastric ebb
Anxiolytic Tranquo   50 Abdominal cramps, pain
Antispasmodic Buscopan   100 Abdominal cramps (use together with Tranquo)
Duspatalin   130 Abdominal cramps (irritable bowel)
Oxyboldine   60 Digestion problems
Antinausea Motilium   120 Nausea
Antidiarrhoeal Imodium 2mg 55 Diarrhea 
Antimonilia Gyno-travagon 300mg 4  
Antigiardia Flagyl 400mg 100 Parasite from contaminated water, chronic diarrhea, weight loss,
Vitamins Multivitamines   500  
Albendazole Zentel   20 Worms, desmestos (one treatment every 2/3 months)










Creams, drops, suppositories and pessaries 
Eye bath and ointment Spersallerg   3 Allergies
Neochem   3 Antibiotic
Eye drops Tears Naturale   2 Artificial tears
Ear drops Otosporin 5 ml 1 Otitis externa (due to or complicated by bacterial infection)
  Panotile 10 ml 1 Ear infections (antibiotic)
Nasal spray Rhinospray   4  
Mouth Ulcer Adcortyl   1  
Herpes Zovirax   2 Herpes
Antifungal cream Pevisone   1 Corticoide, Anti-mycotique, Athlete's foot 
Antipruritic Synalar 15g 1 Allergies / Inflammations
Eurax 10% 20g 1 All forms of itching
Vaginal yeast Canesten 100mg 2  
Antiseptic cream Dettol   1  
Antibacterial cream Dermazin 25g 1 Burns
Biafine   1 Sunburns
Constipation Fleet   1  
Activated Charcoal Carboactive   20  
Actapulgite   60 Intestinal healing
Anti-inflammatory analgesic Voltaren injections   5 Anti-inflammatory injections
Sting relief     2  
Muscle aches Tiger Balm   90 g / 8 plasters Muscle aches and pains, strains.
  Voltaren gel   1 Sprain
Adrenalin Epipen 0.15mg 1 Urgent treatment of life threatening allergic reactions (insect bite, food,)


Other contents
Mosquito net     1  
Aspivenin     1  
Alcohol Prep pad   18  
Disposable needles and syringues 3cc,5cc 5+5  
Oral thermometer     1  
Band aid     80  
Micropore 1"     4 rolls  
Gauze swabs   5x5, 7x7 2 packets  
Surgical tape     2  
Safety pins     20  
Scissors     1  
Nail brush     1  
Ear plugs Quies    120  
Insect repellant Autan    5  
Water purifying tablets Micropur   150 / 1 bottle  
Cold and flu Hot Lemon   25
Isothermic Blanket     2
Bandages     1  
Steri-strips     2 packets  
Protein powder        
Tweezers     1  
Occlusive Gingival dressing Septo-pack   10 g Temporary dressing
Teeth Cloves oil   1  
Coricide Urgo 1
Flea Nix 1
Perfusion kit 1
Baby powder   1
Clonazone 60
Callous relief pads 2




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