The Michelin XZY tyre


Although our Troopie was initially fitted with excellent BF Goodrich tyres, we thought it was a good investment to buy the Rolls Royce of overland tyres : the Michelin XZY. The XZY is said to be "A rugged radial for traction and grip both ON and OFF the road. High mileage and excellent resistance to damage due to broad , buttressed tread." i.e. we will have NO punctures !



  • C : Buttressed shoulders with offset block design to promote soft soil mobility and protect the sidewalls.

  • B : cut and chip resistant compounding for increased durability.

  • A : Pronounced groove angles to avoid stone retention and drilling.

  • Size : 7.50R16

  • Revs per mile : 655

  • Maximum speed : 65 mph

  • Maximum weight per axle at PSI 35 : 1320 kg

  • Maximum weight per axle at PSI 40 : 1467 kg



"African roads are very rough on tyres. After 30,000 km's our BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres were all shredded. Other travellers we met using these tyres all had similar experiences. We met quite a few people using Michelin XZY tyres whose tyres looked new after 30,000 kms and had not had a single puncture. If we were doing the trip again we would definitely choose Michelin XZY tyres. Whilst the Michelin tyres cost almost twice that of other similar tyres they go more than twice the distance. We met one couple who had driven 120,000 kilometres on their Michelin XZY tyres." Geoff Kingsmill, 40,000 km through Africa with a Toyota Land Cruiser, 1998. (

"These were bought new and proved to be worth the money (GBP150.00 each). I had one puncture in the whole trip, and by the end there was still over half the tread remaining. These tyres were twelve ply and extremely tough, which meant if you did need to repair a puncture it was difficult job."  Derick Lean, 43850 km through Africa with a Land Rover, 1992-1993. (


For more information on tyres for Toyota Land Cruisers, check Toyota Gibraltar's excellent website at For specific information on the Michelin XZY, go to Michelin's US webiste :




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